Public Deliverables

The below Deliverables might still have not been accepted by the EU.
Deliverable Number
Deliverable Title
Lead beneficiary
Due Date (in months)
D1.1  5G-EPICENTRE experimentation scenarios preliminary version  NEM  6
D1.2  5G-EPICENTRE experimentation scenarios final version  NEM  28
D1.3  Experimentation requirements and architecture specification preliminary version  FORTH  6
D1.4  Experimentation requirements and architecture specification final version  FORTH  24
D2.2  Cloud-native infrastructure  IQU  28
D2.3  Cloud-native services containerization  CTTC  28
D2.4  5G-EPICENTRE service deployment  UMA  34
D2.5  5G-EPICENTRE Experiment execution  UMA  34
D2.6  5G-EPICENTRE Analytics Engine  IST  36
D2.7  Cloud-native security intermediate version  ONE  28
D2.8  Cloud-native security final version  ONE  36
D3.2  5G EPICENTRE Front end components  FORTH  30
D3.3  5G EPICENTRE User Interface  FORTH  14
D4.2  Network functions implementation  NEM  24
D4.3  Curated Network Application image repository  IQU  28
D4.5  5G-EPICENTRE experimentation facility final version  FORTH  30
D4.6  Integration, Verification and Testing Report preliminary version  FORTH  24
D4.7  Integration, Verification and Testing final version  FORTH  34
D5.1  Third parties innovation web portal and documentation  ALB  30
D5.2  First-party experiments  ADS  34
D5.3  Final evaluation  NOVA  36
D6.5  Project website and social networks  EBOS  3
D6.6  5G-EPICENTRE business model and exploitation plan  YBQ  34
D7.5  Data Privacy Impact Assessment preliminary version  EBOS  20
D7.6  Data Privacy Impact Assessment final version  EBOS  36
D7.10  ORDP: Open Research Data Pilot  ADS  6