3rd Party Experimenters

Reasons to join

  • 5G-EPICENTRE is the only European 5G testbed federation exclusively gathered together to enable PPDR verticals to test and stress their applications in a 5G configurable environment.
  • 5G-EPICENTRE simplifies interaction with testbed operators, by harnessing the power of Kubernetes: Pack your application into a Helm chart and deploy in any of the 4 testbeds in 4 simple steps.
  • A solution for every problem: Whether your PPDR application requires optimal throughput for video live streaming, reliable drone management, independent slicing and QoS management or fast re-instantiation in case of failure, 5G-EPICENTRE has the testbed that fits your needs.
  • Through the platform’s Network Applications, developers can easily and effortlessly configure the network to fit their needs: Prioritize traffic flows, Guarantee Quality of Service, Detect and React to outside malicious interference and obtain custom visual reports of your KPIs directly on the platform Portal.
  • Multi-cloud experimentation: Run your Cloud-native PPDR applications across multiple testbeds, achieving higher availability and for your services.

Experiment Onboarding Process Overview

The deployment of a PPDR experiment is composed of 5 basic steps:

  1. Experimenters establish the contact with 5G-EPICENTRE by filling in the form provided below.
  2. An online meeting is booked to discuss the experiment requirements and envisaged results. Based on the analysis of requirements, a 5G-EPICENTRE testbed is selected.
  3. Experimenters provide the application software packed in a Helm chart to be deployed on 5G-EPICENTRE cloud-native infrastructure (as well as additional components, if required). Experimenters are granted access to the 5G-EPICENTRE platform Portal to configure the relevant network parameters, as needed to run the experiment.
  4. Experiments are scheduled and executed according to the plan.
  5. Results are compiled and a final evaluation is performed.

Engaging PPDR entities

To support strategies for attracting actors from the PPDR community, we have compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines. These guidelines provide a systematic approach to help establish fruitful connections and successfully demonstrate the value of 5G-EPICENTRE and PPDR solutions.
Building lasting relationships and fostering collaboration with PPDR entities are key aspects highlighted in these guidelines. In the corresponding file, available below for download, you will find valuable insights on how to nurture supportive partnerships within the PPDR community. This resource covers effective approaches to engaging with PPDR actors and offers guidance on maintaining stable contact with them.

Establishing contact with PPDR entities

Contact us as a 3rd party experimenter to register