Network Applications

Analytic Services Network Application

The Analytic Services Network Application has been developed on the basis of 5G-EPICENTRE’s Analytics Engine (AE) module, designed to analyse and manage experimental data coming from the 5G network and the vertical services.

AR and AI wearable electronics for PPDR Network Application

The vertical system relies on Q-Application component, which provides the collection of geolocated data and makes it available through a fast communication channel.

AR-assisted emergency surgical care Network Application

Mobile AR vertical applications are among the technologies expected to benefit the most from the wide deployment of 5G networks.

Configurator Network Application

In the framework of 5G-EPICENTRE, a demonstration of QoS management leveraging 5G functionalities has been achieved. This has been possible thanks to the interaction with HPE's 5GC, and UMA’s Radio Access Network (RAN).

Fast situational awareness and near real-time disaster mapping Network Application

The vertical solution is planning to transfer images from a camera (SMP) to a containerized AI Analyzer (AI-AS) Network Application, running on the 5G Core Network.

IoT for improving first responders situational awareness and safety Network Application

This Network Application supports the implementation of a situational awareness platform in support of Central Command Centre (CCC) operations, so as to obtain full awareness from the field during a disaster response.

Multi-agency and multi-deployment mission critical communication Network Applications

NEM’s MCX solution is entirely based on Kubernetes. The service can be deployed using Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes.

Multimedia MC Communication and Collaboration Network Application

The critical communications platform follows cloud-native design principles, allowing exploitation and experimentation of 5G modern features.

Network Intrusion Detection Network Application

When experimenting on the platform, it is necessary to be able to guarantee security, both for the vertical users and for the testbeds and the platform itself.

Ultra-reliable drone navigation and remote-control Network Application

Ultra-reliable drone navigation and remote control Network Application follows hybrid model.

Wearable, mobile, point-of-view, wireless video service delivery Network Application

The solution is based on managing a small fully containerized cloud with video routing elements, in yellow in the picture which we call the video region cloud.