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5G-EPICENTRE Showcases its Solutions to Saxon Police Force

The 5G-EPICENTRE Experimentation Program is actively involved in the engagement of the European PPDR Community for conducting experiments with PPDR users for testing and validating their solutions. In the context of the 5G-EPICENTRE experimentation program, for conducting 3rd party experiments the project partners OPTO and Fraunhofer HHI handled a meeting with the Saxon Police Force at the State Police Headquarters Görlitz for their participation.

The experiment will be based on the UC3 AND UC6 of 5G-EPICENTRE.

The collaboration of OPTO and HHI is focused on integrating 5G solutions and services into the experimenter’s infrastructure. More specifically, the 5G network slice will be used to secure ultra-reliability and will be streaming Infrared (IR) and optical video streams of the site for an in-depth analysis of specific emergencies and crisis management.

The integration and testing focus on image data transfer over networks and processing the image data using Artificial Intelligence (AI), customized for the needs of PPDR-users, transferring data via a Virtual Network Function (VNF) AI Analyzer to a 5G connected handheld display device. To this end, 5G-EPICENTRE prepares a demo creation to showcase the overall solution.

Stay tuned for the upcoming developments and results from the demonstrations of the 5G-EPICENTRE in real-life PPDR services and their implications. Contact the 5G-EPICENTRE team to run your own experiment by filling in the form provided. Apply here!