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5G-EPICENTRE Initiates its Experiments


The 5G-EPICENTRE Experimentation Program is in action! In the present release, we will showcase the initial videos from two 3rd party experiments Nokia and Alysis performed in the UMA testbed infrastructure.

For the first of the two experiments, Alysis specializes in integrated solutions including robots, providing complete solutions in the PPDR field. Initial 5G integration test in a robotic dog (took place in December 2023) for video surveillance and remote control, in UMA infrastructure and will be resumed in Feb. In addition, the second experiment conducted by Nokia Extended Reality Lab in collaboration with UMA deploying the development of the remote-control system in UMA testbed in December 2023. Tests planned by January 2024 are to be scheduled and take place in the upcoming days.

See the first video releases below:

Title: Meet the Alysis Robot

Title: Meet the Nokia Remote Control System

Stay tuned for the upcoming developments and results from the demonstrations of the 5G-EPICENTRE in real-life PPDR services and their implications. 

Contact the 5G-EPICENTRE team to run your own experiment by filling in the form provided. Apply here!