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OneSource (ONE) has successfully conducted 5G connectivity tests at Altice Labs (ALB) testbed

On February 15th, OneSource’s team was in Aveiro at Altice Labs to conduct 5G connectivity tests with its Mobitrust platform running over the 5G-EPICENTRE Kubernetes infrastructure. In these testes the Mobitrust devices were able to successfully establish a 5G connection between the devices 5G modems and the Altice 5G SA testbed infrastructure. OneSource validated that IoT, video, audio and control data from the devices was delivered thought to the Mobitrust platform components at the 5G-EPICENTRE Kubernetes infrastructure.

The success of this experiment was only possible due to a tight collaboration between the teams of both OneSource and Altice Labs. 

As part of the continuous improvement and evolution of the Mobitrust as a Network Application for 5G-EPICENTRE, OneSource will continue to conduct research, development and experimentation activities aiming to achieve a fully resilient and capable platform for Mission Critical environments using 5G technologies.