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5GPP SME Working Group May 2022

Meeting Summary: 23/05/2022

Participants from 5G-EPICENTRE:

  • Eneko Atxutegi (Nemergent)

Summary: The meeting discussed several topics related to Horizon Europe, SME activities within NetworldEurope and 6G IA, and recent developments regarding SME membership.

Key Points:

  • Challenges with New Templates: Participants highlighted difficulties in adapting to the new templates introduced in Horizon Europe, particularly in Section 2.
  • Promotion of SME Activities: Efforts have been made to promote SME activities within NetworldEurope and 6G IA, including the organization of “SME booths” at events like EuCNC. Communication tools such as regular online meetings, emails, and a shared workspace have facilitated discussions among SME WG members.
  • SME Membership in 6G IA: Recent additions have brought the total number of SMEs in 6G IA to 61. Membership in 6G IA is currently independent of proposal success, with discussions indicating potential increases in SME membership without altering the current membership procedure.