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5G-EPICENTRE was present at the SIRESP Bootcamp event, which took place in Algarve, Portugal, from 20th to 24th November2023 through the participation of two partners, OneSource and Altice Labs. The event was organized by SIRESP, the Portuguese public body in charge of managing, operating, maintaining and evolving the PPDR network system. The main goal of the event was to provide relevant PPDR entities (police, firefighters, first responders, municipalities, and civil protection agencies) with the demonstration of new technological solutions in specific operational scenarios. The presence of 5G-EPICENTRE was integrated in the Altice/MEO Empresas booth.

Based on OneSource’s Mobitrust platform, multiple situational awareness use cases were demonstrated making use of drones, AR glasses, biosensors, environmental sensors and AI-based enhanced decision-making. 

siresp bootcamp

Especially for the SIRESP Bootcamp event, a TETRA-Private 4G/5G integration scenario was built and demonstrated, based on 2 federated HPE-Athonet Private 4G/5G/IMS networks (tactical bubbles) operating in different frequency bands and one relaying to the other, including a connection of the first one to a TETRA radio and a military radio, on one side, and to a Altice/MEO SIP trunk (public network) on the other. This scenario, built with HPE-Athonet technology, enabled the connectivity between legacy narrowband (LMR/PMR/TETRA, military radios) voice-based technology to wideband 3GPP-based Private networks and then to the public network from Altice/MEO. 

Making use of Altice Labs’ BotSchool platform and Mobitrust APIs, first responders’ real time vital data (e.g. ambient temperature, pulse rate, positioning) was made available through a legacy voice communication interface, which proved to be a promising solution for many practical scenarios in which voice is the only available communication form.