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5G-EPICENTRE actively participated in the prestigious PSCEurope Conference 2023, on the 5th and 6th  of December 2023. 

PSCE is a key actor in the area of public safety and security in Europe, driving innovation and fostering exchanges between experts in the field. The Winter Conference of 2023 was organized in Hague, Netherlands, while it is to be considered one of the most influential events across EU. This highly respected event gathered PPDR corporates and industry experts, as well as innovative projects in the fields of public safety, CMX promoting the knowledge and experiences exchange.

NOVA as a partner of the 5G-EPICENTRE participated in the prestigious PSCE Conference, which was hosted by the Dutch Police, at the Dutch Training Centre Facilities, presented the open end-to-end 5G-EPICENTRE experimentation program, which has been officially launched, was presented. 5G-EPICENTRE representatives had the opportunity to interact and exchange know-how with other innovative telecommunication corporates, PPDR ICT services/applications providers, social and public security stakeholders, as well as government representatives. 

The platform is designed to uptake public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) operations and applications for end-users. In addition, it provides a great set of tools, which contribute to the state-of-the-art and beyond advancement of the applications that will be registered to the program. in the era of 5G networks, helping the providers to maximize the performance of their solutions. The project’s experimentation program aims to empower PPDR providers to create cutting-edge 5G applications while validating these solutions to effectively meet the major needs and tackle the challenges involved in the field. 

The 5G-EPICENTRE Platform aims to run experiments from SMEs and developers of PPDR applications hosted in the infrastructure of four (4) testbeds (5GENESIS Málaga, 5G VINNI Aveiro, 5G Berlin and 5G Barcelona). The main purpose and major benefit of the experiments is the validation of the functionality of both the individual components, as well as the integrated solutions, providing advanced analytics in a real 5G environment.

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