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5G-EPICENTRE Participation in ICT-41 Plugfest (IEEE-WFIoT)

OneSource, as member of 5G-EPICENTRE, was a proud participant in the ICT-41 Plugfest, a satellite event of the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, with a demonstration focused on “IoT applications for enhancing first responders’ situational awareness and safety”, including a brief introduction to 5G-EPICENTRE and Mobitrust projects. This event took place at Altice Labs and University of Aveiro, from October 23rd to October 24th.

The demonstration showcased the integration of multiple facets of Mobitrust, with a strong emphasis on real-time video feeds, environmental sensors, biosensors, and AI support for decision-making to enhance situational awareness, all supported by 5G connectivity, provided by Altice Labs/MEO. Participants had the opportunity for hands-on testing of all the wearables, including AR glasses with real-time video feeds and metrics from a drone and a VR version of the Mobitrust platform.

Notably, two firefighter departments from Aveiro, The National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection and APS – Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority, SA, were actively involved in this event. This multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge is essential for identifying best practices and approaches to advance this cutting-edge technology for the individuals who can benefit from it the most.