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We are glad to share the successful presence of 5G-EPICENTRE project, represented by our coordinator, AIRBUS, at the National Fire Fighters Congress for 2023, that took place in Toulouse, from the 4th to the 7th of October. This national congress, organized by the French fire department is a major event that brings together more than 3.000 delegates, from the PPDR and Safety Services stakeholders, hosts about 500 exhibitors, while gathers the interest of tens of thousands of visitors. The event is dedicated on effective fire management and public protection with innovative solutions from all domains being actively present.

During the event, AIRBUS provided detailed presentation of the project videos and the 5G-EPICENTRE experimentation program to participants and of the 5G platform, as well as the individual solutions developed during the 5G-EPICENTRE project. Attendees were introduced to the project’s open, federated, end-to-end 5G experimentation platform and its capabilities, along with the Slicing Features and their importance in Fire Protection. More specifically, the 5G network slicing contributes in boosting applications efficiency, capacity, high bandwidth and customization to the user’s needs and requirements for the development of Public Protection Digital Solutions.

The overall action supported actively the engagement with the PPDR community (agencies, ICT and service providers and of course the heroes of our daily lives), the ideation, the exchange on know-how, and of course the feedback received on the 5G-EPICENTRE solutions and the advancements from its use cases was valuable.

The participants in the French National Firefighter Congress also had the opportunity to the fruitful discussions and exchange insights on the possibilities provided by 5G networks in alternate public protection scenarios, acknowledging the multiple of benefits that arise from effective communication in disaster and crisis management (reducing the latency gaps), the acceleration and speed-up of the decision making process and the potential advanced facilitation from innovative applications for PPDR agencies across EU countries, who face the major challenge and consequences from the climate change.