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Showcase 5G-EPICENTRE’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Málaga Police

Málaga, Spain – On May 4th, OneSource, in
collaboration with the University of Málaga (UMA), organized a demonstration of the advanced capabilities of the 5G-EPICENTRE platform for the Málaga Police. The event showcased the integration of multiple vectors of Mobitrust (UC4), emphasizing situational awareness through real-time video feeds, environment sensors, bio sensors, and AI support for decision-making.

Information visualization played a vital role in the demonstration, showcasing seamless integration from the Command-and-Control Centre to the field. Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) were harnessed to provide immersive experiences, empowering officers with enhanced visualization and analysis of critical situations. This comprehensive approach enabled efficient response strategies and improved overall operational effectiveness, delivering a strong motivation and support for the usage of 5G networks for mission critical communications.

This successful demonstration garnered the interest of the Málaga Police for future events in the coming months, which are already planned and under preparation. Moreover, by providing a glimpse into the platform’s capabilities, the demonstration received valuable feedback from the Málaga Police, offering insights into stakeholder requirements and needs. This feedback will guide future refinements and optimizations of the 5G-EPICENTRE platform to ensure it aligns with the expectations of the PPDR community.

The 5G-EPICENTRE project is poised to shape the future of public safety by leveraging advanced technologies and fostering collaboration among industry, academia and PPDR agencies. As the interest from the Málaga Police indicates, the demonstration on May 4th was a significant milestone in showcasing the platform’s capabilities and initiating a partnership that will drive innovation in the field of public safety.