Use Case 6

Fast situational awareness and near real-time disaster mapping

OPTO is specialized in development, design and manufacture of sophisticated individual and complex large-scale solutions for measurement, monitoring, and control technologies. OPTO’s UseCase (UC) uses drones for an in-depth analysis of specific emergency situations that may arise. UC’s solution focuses on camera-based systems with image data transfer over networks. It will process the image using Artificial Intelligence (AI), customized for the PPDR-Sector, generating an image flow from a camera-based system connected to the 5G network, transferring the data via a Virtual Network Function (VNF) AI Analyzer to an 5G connected handheld display device. The AI-Analyzer, hosted in 5G-Core-Serverlandscape, is annotating detected objects in the image flow stream, which can be displayed at the 5G connected handheld display device. This means that UC6’s solution is a drone application focused on image processing and brings new needs to 5G experimentation in drone contexts.