Use Case 5

Wearable, mobile, point-of-view, wireless video service delivery

For this use case, RedZinc provides wearable video for mobile telemedicine applications. BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable video solution for paramedics and nurses. A video camera is worn on an ergonomically designed headset. This camera sends live point of view video to a remote doctor. The doctor could be at a helpdesk, different part of the hospital, or at home at night. Real-time video of emergencies can benefit both patients and first responders. When the video is relayed to the emergency doctor at the hospital, the doctor can help with diagnosis, treatment and oversight before the patient reaches a hospital. For a stroke patient ‘time is brain tissue’ and for a heart attack patient ‘time is heart muscle’. Using point of view video from the paramedic to ‘immerse’ the hospital-bound doctor in the remote scene allows for quicker delivery of, for example, clot busting drugs, which can benefit patient outcome.

RedZinc also has come up with wearable video for educational and training set-up. The medical professional gives a live demonstration of a medical procedure to students in remote locations such as students at home. The professor or medical professional wears the hands-free headset through which the live video and audio feed are transmitted to the students who are in remote locations. The students log in to the BlueEye portal using a laptop or smartphone and access the real-time video and audio feed.