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OneSource (ONE) and Altice Labs (ALB) have demonstrated the 5G capabilities for a potential PPDR situation in Madeira (Portugal)

The event happened on the past 8th of September and counted with the presence of Ana Figueiredo (ALTICE Portugal CEO), Miguel Albuquerque (governor of Madeira region) as well as several high-ranking members of the regional first responder and civil protection organizations.

The event focused on the simulation of a serious motorcycle accident, which required the presence of police, firefighters, ambulance crew and even a fast-response medical team – EMIR. The flow of event followed a narrative as close as possible to a real situation: (i) starting by a phone call to the emergency number; (ii) dispatch of the first responder teams and (iii) already on site, a thorough assessment of the victim, ending with the transportation of the victim to the nearest hospital.

The whole action was monitored from a central command centre by the responsible(s) of each of the local first responder organizations, leveraging the field awareness capabilities provided by the Mobitrust platform. During the demonstration there were a total of 12 upstream videos in real time, with an average of almost 100Mbps total upstream bandwidth (bodycams, vehicle cameras andsurveillance cameras) plus multiple sensors and management data. In the control room, videos were displayed in HD from multiple devices (PC, tablet and phone), always delivering a low delay and fluid view of the field.

As part of the assistance, and considering it was a critical victim, a remote video consultation with an hospital physician was executed, transmitting an ultrasound performed on-site with the aim of demonstrating the capabilities of 5G to support a quicker identification of intervention needs. This procedure enables the hospital to be prepared for the arrival of the victim with the required resources, acting faster in the best interest of the victim’s health, and also decision-making to conduct minor procedures still on site that may improve the chances of success of the relief operation.

This event would not happen without the cooperation between the ALB and ONE teams, who prepared the required resources, namely the BodyKit devices and the Altice commercial 5G network that were used to provide mobile coverage for the site.

The event was considered an absolute success by the different parties involved, and it was raised the possibility of conducting further demonstrations of the 5G capabilities for PPDR scenarios, as well as the huge potential they may bring to real life field operations in the future.