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5GPP SME Working Group November 2021

Meeting Summary: 15/11/2021

Participants from 5G-EPICENTRE:

  • Eneko Atxutegi (Nemergent)

Summary: The meeting provided updates on various streams of the SNS Partnership and key discussions on future directions.

Key Points:

  • Progress status of the SNS Partnership implementation and work program was presented by Nicola.
  • Streams Overview:
    • Stream A: Focus on 5G evolution and the impact of current architectures.
    • Stream B: Emphasized research foundation for 6G.
    • Stream C: Highlighted experimental infrastructures of 6G, aiming to provide pre-6G experimental infrastructure.
    • Stream D: Discussed large-scale trials and pilots with verticals, with a proposed 20% SME funding allocation, particularly in this stream.
  • Proposal for SME Membership Fee:
    • Proposed a membership fee of 4500 EUR for SMEs to sustain the 6G-IA and contribute to the SNS office, potentially increasing to 6k. To be determined.
  • Feedback from Horizon Europe Calls:
    • Shared opinions on proposal structures, page limitations, and formatting challenges.
  • Feedback from Joint Workshop:
    • Noted a 30% increase in participants compared to the average.
  • Proposal for New Workshop on Components for 6G:
    • Proposed by Jacques, aiming to showcase the work of SME WG members already engaged in the field.
  • Discussion on “The EU Needs an Effective Digital Markets Act”:
    • No immediate action required based on the discussions.